Residential Options for Summer Camps

You do not need to be a Dallas area resident to attend the Summer Camps @ UT Dallas! We are opening our doors (literally) to students who live in other cities/states/countries! You will enjoy staying in our brand new facilities (well, just a few years old!) within the campus at a reasonable price and experience the college environment like a college student! Every student will have a private bedroom (visit to see the suite configuration). Our residential option is ONLY for high school students and mature middle school students. We do not have any “organized” group activities in the evenings/weekends, other than the meals @ Dining Hall. However, we will support the campers’ interests – we will escort the campers to go to activity center to play or swim, etc. So, we strongly encourage the campers (especially middle school campers) to register with one or more friends – up to 3 campers can share the same suite as long as they are of same gender. You can specify the preferences in the registration form.

Visit the following site to pay for the residential portion first, then proceed to pay the registration fee for your camp (coding camps @, cyber camps @ & complete list of all camps @ In other words, you do need to make 2 separate payments (one payment for the residential portion & 2nd payment for the camp itself). When you register for coding camp/cyber camp, use promotional code RESIDENTIAL to get 20% discount. There is no discount for “residential stay” portion.  

Note: Residence halls’ cleaning will start on August 5 for Fall 2019 term. So, the residential option is not available beyond August 4th.

Fee will be $400 per week. Go to the registration site and click on Add to Cart – then you will see the cost in the pull-down menu of “Select # of weeks”. Additional payment of $50 per week is required through if the camper has any food allergies (camper will go to UTD dining hall to get special lunches, while other campers eat at the camp itself). 

Registration site:

Residential registrations should be made at least 1 month in advance. Last minute registrations will be rejected. Also, discount codes should NOT be used with residential registrations. $25 cancellation fee will apply until May 15th, then these payments will become non-refundable.

Questions? Email [email protected]

After we get your payment, we will work with you  to complete the necessary paperwork. All levels of stay include activity center usage and on-campus parking. Sunday afternoon is an ideal time to check-in & eat dinner with the counselor and other campers in the evening. Of course, you can arrive late at night or even Monday morning. Please keep us updated about the travel plans.

For multi-week camps, weekend stay & meals are included. We are happy to provide airport/train/bus station pickup service for $50. One CS Outreach instructor will come, meet, help to load the items to the car, drop-off at the residence hall and help you to check-in. Drop-off service is available for $50 as well.

We will assign a UTD college student as a counselor for residential campers. We will add additional counselors as needed. All counselors have completed the criminal background checks and child protection training to the meet the rules & regulations of UT Dallas. Let us know if there are any questions.