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Research Platform for In-Vehicle Safety Systems and Driver Behavior Modeling



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Project Scope:

UTDrive is part of three-year NEDO-supported international collaboration between Japan, Italy, Singapore, Turkey, and USA. The UTDrive (USA) project has been designed specifically to:

  • Collect rich multi-modal data recorded in a car environment (i.e., audio, video, gas/brake pedal pressures, forward distance, GPS information, and CAN-Bus information including vehicle speed, steering angle, pedal status),
  • Assess the effect of speech interactive system on driver behavior,
  • Formulate better algorithms to increase accuracy for in-vehicle ASR systems,
  • Design dialog management which is capable of adapting itself to support a driver's cognitive capacity,
  • Develop a framework for smart inter-vehicle communications,
  • Model driver behavior to develop active safety systems combined with control theory,
  • Algorithm development for in-vehicle video-processing,
  • Driver status monitoring system development with sensor fusion,
  • Investigation of identifying new driver performance metrics.

The results of this project will help to develop a framework for building effective models of driver behavior and driver-to-machine interactions for safe driving.